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Rima Redwan

Rima Redwan

Seminar für Semitistik und Arabistik

Arabic Studies


Arabic manuscript transcripts and research

Fabeckstr. 23/25
Room -1.0006
14195 Berlin

Rima Redwan is Junior Researcher in the Kalīla and Dimna research project where she focuses on Arabic manuscript illustrations and manuscript research. She earned her MA in Arabic Studies specializing in manuscript studies. Her thesis onحكاية عن مكر النساء ومكر الرجال  (Ḥikāya ʽan makr an-nisā' wa-makr ar-riǧāl) “A Tale on the Deceit of Women and the Deceit of Men“, a narrative of the Arabic tales tradition won her a first grade.

Already her BA on an Arabic folk tale originating from Ancient India ‒ the stories of the Seven Sages الوزراء السبعة (al-Wuzarā' al-sab'a) ‒ focused on the study of two manuscripts of Berliner Staatsbibliothek (Sprenger 1368 and Glaser 166). In 2015, R. Redwan spent several months as an intern at the Oriental Department of Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Preußischer Kulturbesitz, where she catalogued Arabic manuscripts according to the Ahlwardt Systematic Catalogue Verzeichnis der arabischen Handschriften and worked on user requests concerned with identifying passages of manuscripts in Arabic.

Rima Redwan has been part of Professor Beatrice Gruendler’s Kalīla and Dimna team since the beginning: she already worked at the pilot project “Kalīla wa Dimna – Wisdom Encoded” (2015-2017).