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Ali Adnan Sakr

Image Credit: Ali Adnan Sakr presenting a paper on “Avicenna on Fiction, or, Why Kalīla wa-Dimna is Not Poetry” during the Workshop on “Animals, Adab, and Fictivity” convened by Beatrice Gründler and Matthew L. Keegan, © Nadine Borau

Seminar for Semitic and Arabic Studies

Arabic Studies

Research Associate Aristotle's Poetics in the West (of India) from Antiquity to the Renaissance

Ali Adnan Sakr studied philosophy, Classical philology and Arabic studies at Marburg, Cologne and Berlin. He won a PhD grant with the Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies (BGSMCS) at Freie Universität Berlin; his doctoral thesis on Avicenna’s Commentary on the Poetics of Aristotle focuses on how Avicenna embedded the Poetics in his summa of philosophy “The Cure” (Kitāb al-Shifāʾ), retracing the path of Avicenna’s creative rereading and offering a philosophical contextualization. Since its beginnings in 2016, A. Sakr has been working with Dimitri Gutas and Beatrice Gruendler on their research project “Aristotle’s Poetics in the West (of India) from Antiquity to the Renaissance” funded by the Einstein Foundation Berlin. He is part of the Core Team Arabic, he works on Avicenna’s commentary in the Kitāb al-Shiʿr.