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Vasiliki Chamourgiotaki

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Seminar for Semitic and Arabic Studies

Arabic Studies

Research Associate Einstein project "Aristotle's Poetics in the West (of India) from Antiquity to the Renaissance"

Vasiliki Chamourgiotaki studied Theology at the University of Athens (BA) and Semitic Studies at Freie Universität Berlin (MA). Besides her mother tongue Modern Greek, V. Chamourgiotaki has studied Ancient Greek, as well as the Patristic Greek of Late Antiquity; her educational training also covers a number of Semitic languages such as Biblical and Modern Hebrew, Classical Syriac, Classical, Christian and Modern Arabic. A major focus of her academic work is the edition of early Syro-Arabic translations with an emphasis on the linguistic features of Christian Arabic. Her MA thesis (An early Arabic translation of Jacob’s of Serugh homily “On our Lord’s words, “Do not swear at all”. A Syriac and Arabic edition with translation”) won her a special mention. She also contributed to the Corpus Coranicum (BBAW) and the AnonymClassic (Freie Universität Berlin) projects.

V. Chamourgiotaki has been working with the Aristotle’s Poetics project since 2018, looking after the coordination of the project’s events. In her academic work, she is part of the Syriac (Syriac-Greek Glossary), as well as the Hebrew subteams.