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Isla Karademir

Seminar for Semitic and Arabic Studies

Arabic Studies

CRC Project C10 "Verses and Sayings. Impetus and Range of Scholarly and Popularising Discourses in the Arabic World"

Fabeckstr. 23–25
14195 Berlin

Isla Karademiris a student researcher at Verses and Sayings directed by Prof. Dr. Beatrice Gruendler and Dr. Jan J. van Ginkel (C10 project at CRC "Episteme in Motion"). Inspired by her Syriac-orthodox origins, she has travelled the Near and Far East (Syria, Lebanon, also Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam), making it an issue to actively participate in her respective host cultures. She thus worked as a language tutor for German and English on a non-profit basis. Since October 2019, she has enrolled in the BA curriculum of Semitic Studies at Freie Universität Berlin, meaning to complement her personal interest in the dialogue of cultures (and especially the religious interchanges in the Near East) with a sound academic education in the field.

At C10 Verses and Sayings, Isla Karademir assists in collecting and analyzing Syriac manuscripts, as well as looking after research tasks at libraries, archives and the Internet.