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Marcel Gaida

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Seminar für Semitistik und Arabistik

Arabic Studies

Researche Associate – ERC project PalREAD

ERC-Projekt PalREAD

Marcel Gaida was a research associate in the ERC project PalREAD - Country of Words from the beginning of 2019 until June 2022; here he is investigating the sustainable digital access of the research data of the project on Palestinian literature as well as the possibility of quantitative linguistic analysis of the data; in addition to the general research data management, he also ensures that data protection and ethical principles are observed. He is also responsible for academic communication and social media. He was involved in academic self-administration in the department's budget commission (2019-2022).


He was an assistant to Prof Dr. Tal Ilan, Judaistik Freie Universität Berlin. Here he supported her not just in her teaching but also in her DFG projects, "Lexicon of Jewish Names" and "Feminist Commentary on the Babylonian Talmud" (FCBT), where he typeset, indexed, and proofread several publications for Prof. Dr. Ilan. For Lexicon of Jewish Names Part II he digitized and virtually reconstructed the Elijah's Cave in Haifa, a venerated Jewish site. He was responsible for the internet pages of Institut für Judaistik from 2015 until August 2018.

Academic Administration

2019 - 2022 Representative Member (WE04) of the department's budget commission.
Since 2017 Member of the Digital Humanities working group of the Department of History and Cultural Studies

Scholarly Talks

  • PalREAD @ Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2019; How innovative research methodologies seek, through the case of Palestinian literature, to contribute to an understanding of diasporic, exilic and refugee literatures. (R. Abou Rached, M. Gaida.)
  • Expert in the workshop session Digital Humanities at the Graduate Schools (chaired by Lars Ostermeier and Konrad Hirschler) in the framework of the Academic Day of the Berlin Graduate School of Muslim Cultures and Societies, June 2018.

Conference and event organization

Nov 2019 Mapathon - Palestine Open Maps
2019 Planning and coordinating the program of events for the Seminar for Semitic and Arabic Studies and ERC Projects within the framework of the Long Night of Sciences (Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften)
2016  until 2018 Planning and coordinating the program of events for the Institut für Judaistik within the framework of the Long Night of Sciences (Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften)
Dec 2017 The Reception of Biblical Women and Gender in Rabbinic Literature, Institut für Judaistik, Freie Universität Berlin


Funding by Ernst Reuter Gesellschaft to participate in the European Summer University in Digital Humanities. (ESU 2019