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Theory Reading Group Kalīla and Dimna – AnonymClassic

News from Oct 20, 2020

Scholars of premodern Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Syriac, and other, including modern, literatures meet every two weeks to discuss milestones of literary theory and recent contributions to narrative studies (mostly in English), with a particular focus on the analysis of frame narratives, such as Kalīla and Dimna. The subject of each session is one or two groundbreaking and thought-provoking contributions in literary theory, with relevance for the analysis of literary works. The fortnightly online meetings started in the summer term of 2020 are to be carried on until further notice on a remote basis.

It is possible to join the group at any given time, please contact johannes.stephan@fu-berlin.de for participation.

The dates and texts will be announced on the project website Kalīla and Dimna – AnonymClassic.

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