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Subproject of Beatrice Gründler in the context of the extension of the SFB Episteme in Motion


News from Jun 02, 2020

Beatrice Gründler is with the subproject C10 Verses and Sayings. Impulse and Reach of Scientific and Popularizing Discourses in the Arabic-Speaking World part of the extension phase of the SFB Episteme in Motion.

The subproject examines micro-texts in poetry and gnomics in Arabic and related traditions such as Syriac and Greek, i.e. individual verses and sayings of wisdom that have entered popular and scientific discourses across centuries and language borders. On the basis of the circulation of these micro-forms and the modes of condensation they have undergone in their respective literary or scientific contextualizations, it is possible to unlock moments of reciprocal knowledge transfer. The model-like microstructural analysis of the modes of appropriation and transfer as well as the different contextualizations makes it possible to trace the interaction of multiple factors and impulses of epistemic change movements in other contexts as well.

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