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"My Korea is ..."

For more detailed information please download the information sheet and the entry form below

For more detailed information please download the information sheet and the entry form below

The deadline for our event "My Korea is..." was extended to the 31st of October. The Winner announcement will now take place on the 16th of November.

 …is an event created by students for students. It is part of the Korea-Europe Programme (a cooperation programme between the Institute of Korean Studies at Freie Universität Berlin and the KDI School of Public Policy and Management). This event serves the purpose of bringing together people from different countries and sharing their thoughts and experiences regarding Korea. 

 …is not a contest on how much you have learned or how to portray the country in its best light. Above all, we value your creativity and want to encourage students to share their thoughts, ideas, and interests in connection to Korea or their studies in the field. What would you like to share about Korea? How would you explain Korea or your major to friends and family? What is Korea for you and what does it mean to you? What interests you the most about Korea? 


Any student in Europe majoring in a Korea related subject or any Korean student currently studying at a European University (regardless of their major) can apply. Please note that if you do not hold citizenship of a European country, but you are currently studying a subject related to Korea in Europe, you also can apply to this event in the category ‘European Student’. Group applications are possible. Only the entries sent in according to the submission guidelines will be accepted. For your application you must choose ONE of the three following categories. 

A) Video submissions 

B) Text submissions (essay, short story, poem, podcast etc.) 

C) Picture submissions (photo, collage, drawing, comic etc.) 

Submission Guidelines: 

Submit your entries along with the application form until October 31st to the following email address: my-korea-is@lists.fu-berlin.de. Your email’s subject should follow the format of “My Korea Is / [Korean Student/European Student] / Category [A/B/C]”

If you apply as a group, please only fill out ONE application form. The entry should be registered by one person serving as the group representative and can further contain the names of all group members. If a group consists of both, European and Korean students, please choose only one group to apply to. One group or person can apply once for each category (max. three submissions). 

All participants must prove their status as a student, by attaching their certificate of enrolment to the submission email. 

The files can either be directly emailed to us or shared through a link. Videos and podcasts should not be longer than five minutes, and texts not longer than five pages. If you apply to category C please do not submit more than five pictures. 

All submissions must be mainly done in English (video submissions must at least include English subtitles). You can give an explanation to your entry; however, it is not required. 


The two main prizes will be picked by the jury regardless of the category you applied to, while the other prizes will be distributed according to your submission category*. The entries will be judged by a group of students of Korean Studies at Freie Universität Berlin. After the winner announcement through our website on November 16th we will directly contact the winners and explain further steps. The award ceremony will take place on a later date.