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Open hours: Mo - Fr 10.00 a.m. -  4.00 p.m. for picking up previously ordered items and returning items.

Reading rooms and open stacks areas of the library will be accessible again from Fr, 04.06.2021: Please register in advance, as only a limited number of places are available.The offer is valid for FU members as well as for guests. Observance of hygiene regulations like wearing a FFP2 mask as well as bringing a current negative test is preconditional for access to the library.

Or use Digitization orders.

General Information

Address:    Koserstr. 20, 14195 Berlin
Head librarian:
Dr. Ulrike Tarnow: +49 30 838 53819 or ulrike.tarnow@fu-berlin.de

Circulation and reference department

E-Mail:        ausleihe@geschkult.fu-berlin.de or Tel. +4930-838-53671

Please deposit your bags and jackets/coats in the lockers (including notebook bags). It is not allowed to take food or beverages into the library (including water). We request you to register the books you bring with you at the circulation desk.

Closed stacks

Books (location: "Magazin") can be ordered via PRIMO between 10:00 and 18:00 and will be brought to the main library desk every hour. No orders by telephone.

The following shelf marks are concerned: U-, Y-, Z-, Q-A-,  -K.S., -2° (folio), Per- (periodicals), B- (reference works) and master's thesises.

Information for users

  • Access: The library of the Department for Art History is a reference library with restricted loan facility.

  • How to borrow items: A maximum of 30 books can be borrowed by FU members for 14 days.

  • Number of working spaces available: 126

  • Library Rules and Regulations (german):
    Gemeinsame Benutzungsordnung für die Bibliotheken des Fachbereichs Geschichtswissenschaften der FUB vom 28.12.2006 (Fu-Mitteilungen 83/2006)


  • open book stacks
  • rare books in closed stacks have to be requested via Online Catalog PRIMO (location: "Rara")


  • WLAN for FU members
  • Copy / Print machines payed with the MensaCard of the Berliner Studierendenwerk. This card can be bouhgt at the Cafeteria in Koserstraße 20 or other canteens of the Berliner Studierendenwerk; costs per copy: 5 cents; costs per scan: 4 scan. Scans are saved via USB-Stick.
  • Microfiche reader
  • Computers with internet access and/or access to the Online Catalogue PRIMO
  • Cafeteria outside the library


  • FU Catalog: for online research and RARA/ ordering; webpage available in English version
  • Digital Library of the FU: contains licensed and tested free electronic resources: databases, e-journals, e-books, digital archives. Guests require a computer that is on the FU campus network.

The Art Department's library currently houses around 125.000 volumes; further collections are the East Asian Art History Library and the South Asian Art History Library. As the Art History Department Library is a reference library, books may only be used within the library itself. However there is a limited lending service. For an electronic borrower's application to loan overnight or for the weekend, a valid user-pass for the University Library of Freie Universität is required. Introductory guided tours for useres take place at the beginning of each semester (language: german). All questions on library matters may be addressed to the staff at the circulation desk.

Library identifier <188/809>
Supporting organization:
Federal State of Berlin
Departmental library with public access
Collection focus:
Western art History, East Asian art histora

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