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Complementary Subjects Modules in the Masters program on Art History in Global Context
At present it is not yet possible to register for modules in complementary subjects via Campus Management. You can find suggestions and regulations on choice of modules in the various course foci in the course regulations under §77
In principle, and particularly in the course foci Europe and America, you can chose from the complete MA program of the Department, and even – if you consider it relevant – of the whole of the FU. To register you must personally apply to the lecturer in question to find out whether he/she has room for you in the course concerned. In every case you must book a complete module.


The Art History Department is currently offering Magister and Bachelor programs. Post-graduate (doctorate) studies are of course also available.

Starting in the Winter semester 2008 we are also offering a Masters course in Art History in Global Context, with course foci in Europe, America, and East Asia and South Asia. (This is at the moment still dependent on the coming into force of the Study and Examination Regulations, to be published in the “FU-Mitteilungen” [FU-Information, the official Gazette of Freie Universität Berlin]).

Provisional dates of application for Masters courses (to be finalized).

Application-deadline: *15th  August 2012*

Erforderliche Unterlagen: Bachelorzeugnis oderTranscript of records, aus dem hervorgeht, dass mindestens  *2/3 der erforderlichen Leistungen erbracht sind (für BA Studierende der FU gibt das Prüfungsbüros eine sog. 2/3-Bescheinigung aus).

Documents required: Bachelor’s degree-certificate or Transcript of records showing that at least 2/3 of the degree-course requirements have been fulfilled (for BA students at the FU, the Examination Office will issue a certificate known as a ‘2/3 certificate’).Students applying for a Master's program who have not yet completed their BA degree must have fulfilled and submitted all remaining examination requirements by 30. September 2012. They can receive the results for these before the end of the Winter semester 12/13. However students' course acceptance is then dependent on all their evaluations reaching the Campus Management by the beginning of December, as they must confirm their application by mid-January - with their BA certification -  in order not to lose their status as an admitted student.

Applicants from the BA course in Art History at the FU

Registration of BA thesis at the Examination Office [Prüfungsbüro]: Last date of acceptance is *24th June 2012.*

Please get your grade status updated as early as possible. If grades are missing from your record because your name does not appear in the seminar participants’ lists, you must apply personally for correction of your grades records at the Examination Office. Forms are available from the office during opening hours.

General information on the FU, also for external applicants

Course restructuring throughout the FU as a result of the Bologna Process has meant that as of Winter semester 2005/06 first-year students can no longer be accepted for Masters' courses. Students applying for the first semester may now only study towards a Bachelor’s or  - as continuation -  a Master’s degree. Students transferring to a different university can apply for a higher semester in the Bachelors’ course, usually the semester following their last semester of study.
You will find a large amount of useful general information on Bachelor and Masters' courses on the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies website.

For constantly updated information on applications, courses and the different types of degrees available, go to the  FU’s Infopage.

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