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Zotero Database

The AnonymClassic project first launched its bibliographical database with ZOTERO in 2019. By now, the directory comprises over 1,400 bibliographical entries on topics related to Kalīla and Dimna, 142 of which are Arabic manuscripts alone. The database is the most comprehensive reference collection on the subject and is available in Open Access. It is a work in progress, and will grow further over time.

The research bibliography database is used to organise research and serves as shared digital library among the project members. Its main functions are four: (i) collecting and categorising all project-related sources, both primary and secondary, and their metadata; (ii) linking related PDFs, notes, and tagging them with these sources; (iii) providing all team members with shared access to research materials; (iv) facilitating the editing of publications by providing a system of in-text citations and footnotes. 

We encourage researchers all over the world to share the reference collection to advance their own research. ZOTERO is a free, user-friendly, and browser-integrated software that allows to export citations to various formats. At the same time, we are eager to welcome any contributions or suggestions.

To access the research database, please go to ZOTERO database access.

The AnonymClassic ZOTERO database is curated by Johannes Stephan and Alice Woolston.