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Job Opportunity: Research Associate (Postdoc) Full-time job Limited to 14.04.2024 Entgeltgruppe 13 TV-L FU Reference code: WiMi (Postdoc)_MPCD

News from Oct 25, 2021

Research Associate (Postdoc) Full-time job Limited to 14.04.2024 Entgeltgruppe 13 TV-L FU Reference code: WiMi (Postdoc)_MPCD

Bewerbungsende: 09.11.2021

The project "Zoroastrian Middle Persian: Digital Corpus and Dictionary (MPCD)" aims to create a freely accessible online corpus of all Zoroastrian Middle Persian (hereafter: ZMP) texts in the Pahlavi script. It will present a corpus of about 54 texts containing about 687,000 words in transliteration and transcription, as well as digital photo documentation of the oldest codices. The texts will be annotated with grammatical information and coded according to the guidelines of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI). This comprehensive digital corpus of Pahlavi texts will in turn be used as the basis for ZMP's creation of a digital Middle Persian-English dictionary.

Job description:
• Development and preparation of a digital text corpus of Middle Persian literature, including the Nērangs and Zand texts
• Coding and annotation of the corpus
• Preparation of the corpus for lexicographic work
• Creation of a digital dictionary for Middle Persian

Doctorate in Iranian Studies, as well as

Work Experience:
Publications on Avestan and/or Middle Persian Philology

• Experience and knowledge in editorial work with Middle Persian literature, especially with the Pahlavi translations of the Avestan texts
• Knowledge in the use of XML and TEI
• Experience working with the necessary XML applications, including oXygen

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