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Yusef Saadat

Yusef Saadat

PhD Candidate

Scholarship student of the Soudavar Memorial Foundation (SMF)

Thesis Title: “A Semantic Scrutiny of Selected Middle Persian Words Compared with their Usage in New Persian Texts”

Abstract: The date of early NP (New Persian) texts is not far from MP (Middle Persian) ones. In fact, during some centuries these two languages lived parallel to each other. There are so many NP words (and their meanings) which are genetically inherited from MP. In many cases, NP version of the words (e.g. because of more frequent use in different texts than MP) have some dissimilar meanings than MP. This dissimilarity may partially be the result of semantic changes and in some other cases survival of an old meaning in NP. These old meanings of NP version of the words also can be sometimes attributed to the MP ancestor; whereas philologists have not paid enough attention to the details of NP-based semantics during reading the MP texts. I have found no independent work which has attempted to connect these two areas semantically, that’s why I am trying to do it.


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