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Vicente Gomez Murillo



Global History

Research Assistant (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter)

Global Intellectual History

Koserstraße 20
14195 Berlin

Vicente Gómez Murillo received his BA and MA from the Universidad de Costa Rica where he also was lecturer at the School of History and researcher at the Centro de Investigaciones Históricasde América Central. After focusing his research on intellectual and conceptual history of the Central American independence, he now moved on to discuss the history of knowledge production and circulation between Germany and Central America.

Mittelamerika: German Scholars and the Production, Circulation and Reception of Anthropological and Geographical Knowledge between Central America and Germany, 1870-1918

His project focuses on the history of knowledge produced by German scholars about Central America. It deals with the actors and networks involved in the production, circulation and reception of anthropological and geographical knowledge across the Atlanticin the global context of imperial knowledge production between 1870 and 1918.Traditionally, studies on knowledge production and circulation in this period focus on imperialism and colonial relations, but the German state was not an important force pushing for a specific colonial or imperial objective in Central America.This makes the exchanges between German Scholars and Central Americans a special case regarding other imperial powers in the region. Through the analysis of this particularity, this research aims to discuss the production of knowledge and the circulation of ideas in a setting where power imbalance and imperialism were not the only forces shaping the relationship between Latin America and the world.