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BBC documentary on the Pioneer plaque

News from Jan 28, 2011

BBC documentary about the Pioneer plaque: William R. Macauley Programme Consultant

William R. Macauley, Research Associate of Emmy Noether Researchgroup, worked as Programme Consultant on a TV documentary about the Pioneer plaque. He contributed to the script, facilitated interviews and worked with Series Producer Michael Waterhouse and the production team in the US during the film shoot. The programme on the Pioneer plaque is the final episode in the series The Beauty of Diagrams commissioned by BBC Four and produced by the independent production company Tern Television. In December 2010, the plaque documentary was broadcast on TV in the UK and via the BBC website.

In 2010
William R. Macauley defended his PhD-Thesis at University of Manchester: Picturing knowledge: NASA's Pioneer plaque, Voyager record and the history of interstellar communication, 1957-1977.

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