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Thore Bjørnvig M.A.

Thore Bjornvig

Associated Member

Thore Bjørnvig has an MA in the History of Religions from the University of Copenhagen, is an independent scholar, and works as a freelance writer. His main research interests lie in areas connected to intersections between science fiction, spaceflight, and religion. Recently published articles include 'Outer Space Religion and the Ambigious Nature of Avatar’s Pandora' in Avatar and Nature Spirituality edited by Bron Taylor (Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2013) and 'The Holy Grail of Outer Space: Pluralism, Druidry, and the Religion of Cinema in The Sky Ship' in the journal Astrobiology (2012), 998-1014. He has also co-edited a special issue of the journal Astropolitics on spaceflight and religion with Roger Launius and Virgiliu Pop, to which he also contributed with an article on Frank White’s The Overview Effect. Current research focuses on the cultural history of space toys and LEGO’s space themes, and religious aspects of the Dutch Mars One project.

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