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Dr. Ralf Bülow

Ralf Bülow

Associated Member

Ralf Bülow was born in 1953 and studied computer science, mathematics and philosophy at Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn. He wrote his PhD thesis about mathematical logics. Since 2009 Ralf Bülow is Scientific Assistant at the Zentrum für Kultur- und Wissenschaftskommunikation at Fachhochschule Kiel. During the 1980s he worked at the Deutsches Museum and its research institute in Munich, in the early 1990s he continued as a journalist for science and technology. Since 1996 Ralf Bülow has been participating in various exhibition projects about computers, spaceflight, astronomy and physics, including a major exhibition on Albert Einstein. He has written about science fiction history, and in 2004 he re-issued a German utopian novel, Ri Tokko's "Automatenzeitalter", originally published in 1930.

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