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Prof. Dr. Hans Medick

Buehlstrasse 8

37073 Goettingen Germany

Phone: 0049/551/55017

e-mail: hans.medick@gmx.de

Member of the research group on “Self Narratives in Transcultural Perspective” at the Free University of Berlin, retired  Professor Modern History and Historical Anthropology at the University of Erfurt. He has researched and published widely on the cultural, social and economic history of Early Modern Germany and Europe and in the fields of intellectual history. A constant feature of his work has been its theoretical and methodological reflection.  During recent years his focus has increasingly concentrated on the anthropological dimensions of historical processes. He is currently working on a monograph with the (still provisional) title: Perceptions of a World War. The Thirty Years War from a Micro-Historical Perspective.

His most important publications are: Naturzustand und Naturgeschichte der Bürgerlichen Gesellschaft. Ursprünge der bürgerlichen Sozialtheorie als Geschichtsphilosophie und Sozialwissenschaft bei Samuel Pufendorf, John Locke and Adam Smith, 2nd ed. Göttingen 1981; together with Peter Kriedte and Jürgen Schlumbohm: Industrialization before Industrialization. Rural industry in the Genesis of Capitalism, Cambridge 1981; co-edited together with David Sabean: Interest and Emotion. Essays on the Study of Family and Kinship, Cambridge 1984; his major monograph is : Weben und Überleben in Laichingen 1650-1900. Lokalgeschichte als Allgemeine Geschichte (Weaving and Surviving in Laichingen 1650-1900. Local History as General History), 2nd. ed. Göttingen 1997. The book was awarded the René-Kuczynski- Preis for Social and Economic History in 1998. A book written und edited together with Benjamin Marschke is scheduled to appear in early 2013: Hans Medick, Benjamin Marschke eds., Experiencing the Thirty Years War. A Brief History with Documents (Bedford Series in History & Culture), Boston, New York 2013. A volume edited together with Claudia Ulbrich and Angelika Schaser presenting the work of the research group on  ego-documents has appeared in 2012: Claudia Ulbrich, Hans Medick, Angelika Schaser eds., Selbstzeugnis und Person. Transkulturelle Perspektiven (Ego-document and Personhood. Transcultural Perspectives), Cologne, Weimar, Vienna 2012.


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