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Mr. Johannes Bach - On the Transtextual Poetics of Assyrian Royal-Narrative Texts

The dissertation project attempts to apply the transtextual theory of Gérard Genette to the field of Assyrian royal inscriptions and related narrative texts. One of the aims is to understand their formation as a literary history of derivations from earlier texts and to define the repertoire of poetic strategies used to create inter- and hypertextualities. Following a theoretical and methodological introduction, the first section will concentrate on the formation of architexts of Assyrian royal-narrative literature. The main theses are: 1) Intertextualites in the Middle Assyrian period mainly take the form of allusions; 2) A certain trend to the transfer of mytholigizing ideolects is noticeable beginning with Adad-nirari I; 3) Following Genette's theory, the Middle Assyrian royal epics can be described as a type of hypertextual "generic chimera." The second part of the work will focus on the Neo-Assyrian inscriptions, looking at newly developed mechanisms of transformation and the development of the technique of literal citation. The ultimate goal of the dissertation will be specifically to investigate the texts of the Sargonids and define their transtextual character.


Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Markham Geller, Prof. Dr. Jörg Klinger.