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Ms. Babette Schnitzlein - "Studies on Scribal Culture in Mesopotamia in the 1st Millenium BC"

The dissertation examines the production and producers of Ancient Near Easter scribal culture. The materiality of scribal products plays an important role in the investigation. The study examines various aspects of scribal cultural: the appearance of tablets inscribed with cuneiform, the indigenous terms for these, and the connection between writing and society based on the example of the scribal policies of the Neo-Assyrian ruler Ashurbanipal (668–631/27? BC) as well as the multiscripturalism which characterized the first millennium.

Supervisors:  Prof. Dr. Eva Cancik-Kirschbaum, Prof. Dr. Markham J. Geller

Financial support provided by an Elsa-Neumann fellowship (formerly NaFöG) (04/2010–12/2012).