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Mythical Literary Works of the Old Babylonian Period as Epistemic Artefacts (DFG Emmy Noether Programme)


Institut für Altorientalistik

Principal Investigator:

Emmy Noether-Gruppe (DFG)

Oct 01, 2019 — Sep 30, 2022

Ancient Babylonia’s mythical literary works are among the oldest specimens of world literature. These compositions do, however, not only represent intriguing stories of gods, but also a complex investigation of the empirical world. The independent junior research group explores the nature of the epistemic practices and discourses that may be connected with mythical epics and hymns of the early 2nd millennium BCE. Intellectual concepts are reconstructed through the digitally assisted analysis of lexemes, phrases and Erzählstoffe (narratives). Which questions do they answer and how do other authors respond to these ideas? – these questions are of special importance. Finally, this approach makes epistemic practices tangible that, on the one hand, deal with the mythical literary works and, on the other hand, produce them through text composition and redaction.