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M.A. Anne Grons

Ägyptologisches Seminar

DDGLC Project


Freie Universität Berlin
Fachbereich Geschichts- und Kulturwissenschaften
Ägyptologisches Seminar
Fabeckstraße 23-25
Room -1.1075
14195 Berlin


2010 to 2016

Studied Egyptology, Coptic Studies, Near Eastern Studies, and Classical and Early Christian Archaeology in Münster.


2012 to 2015

Student assistant and (later) research assistant at the Institute for Egyptology and Coptology (IÄK) at the Westfälische Wilhelms-University Münster, responsible for the Egyptological library of the IÄK.


August to September 2012

Member of the Asia Minor Project “Alexandria Troas” of the WWU Münster, led by Prof. Dr. Elmar Schwertheim, serving as pottery-assistant.



Research assistant at the Institute for Egyptology and Coptology (IÄK), giving tutorials in Coptic supplementing the lectures of Prof. Dr. Stephen Emmel.


September to December 2015

Research assistant at the Cluster of Excellence – “Religion and Politics” – at the WWU Münster, giving editorial assistance for the proceedings of the “International Conference of the Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics” ‘Prayer and Power. The God’s Wives of Amun in Egypt during the First Millenium BC’, June 2015.



Member of the Sudan archeological Project W.A.D.I. | Wadi Abu Dom Itinerary of Prof. Dr. Angelika Lohwasser (IÄK Münster), serving as pottery-assistant. (3 campaigns)


December 2015

Master of Arts in Egyptology. M.A. thesis: FULL TITLE WITH SUPERVISOR. about the Bronze Situla ÄM 4376.


Since March 2016

Research assistant/ lexicographer at the project Dictionary and Database of Greek Loanwords in Coptic, led by Prof. Dr. Tonio Sebastian Richter (Ägyptologisches Seminar – Freie Universität Berlin).

research interests:

  • Coptic medicine in late antique and early Islamic Egypt.
  • Late antique medicine (especially of the Greek, Arabic and Babylonian varieties).
  • Lexicography of Greek loanwords in Coptic.
  • Egyptian bronze situlae with the motif of the tree-goddesses.
  • Archaeology of the Sudan.