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Semitistisches Forschungskolloquium 2022

In diesem Sommersemester veranstaltet Prof. Dr. Shabo Talay erneut ein Semitistisches Forschungskolloquium. Die folgenden Vorträge werden öffentlich stattfinden. Alle Vorträge beginnen mittwochs um 16:15 Uhr.

News vom 11.05.2022

18 May

Endangered linguistic landscapes: variation and change in modern Oman

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Roberta Morano (University of Leeds):
“Traces of the past: vanishing archaisms in the Omani lexicon”

Simone Bettega (University of Turin):
“From local to global: levelling and loss in contemporary Omani Arabic”

8 June

New perspectives on Libyan Arabic dialects

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Adam Benkato (UC Berkeley):
“An overview of Libyan Arabic”

Luca D’Anna (University of Naples L’Orientale):
"New insights into Libyan Judeo-Arabic Varieties"

Christophe Pereira (INALCO – LACNAD):
“Conditional constructions in Tripoli Arabic (Libya)”

20 July

Historical sources of Arabic dialects

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Liesbeth Zack (University of Amsterdam):
“Dialect and mixed Arabic in 19th-century texts from Cairo”

Felipe Francisco (FU Berlin):
“Sixteenth-Century Moroccan Arabic in the Torre do Tombo Archives”

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