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TALK Träume: Imaginiertes Herrschaftswissen, by Rebecca Sauer, Zürich, and Beatrice Gruendler

10.05.2023 | 16:00 c.t.

Dahlem Humanities Center lecture series Offener Hörsaal: Was kommt? Projekte, Renaissancen, Latenzen.

The lecture series Was kommt? Projekte, Renaissancen, Latenzen is an interdisciplinary lecture series presented by the Dahlem Humanities Center and the Universität Zürich´s Initiative Geisteswissenschaften. The full programme is available at the DHC homepage.

The lecture series is part of the jubilee programme of 75 years Freie Universität Berlin "Offener Hörsaal" (click here for the PDF of accompanying brochure).

Mirroing the academic cooperation of Universität Zürich and Freie Universität Berlin, each session is presented by a tandem of two researchers of both universities, discussing their different perspectives on a given topic. The lectures are held in person with additional live streams.

Prof. Dr. Rebecca Sauer (Univ. Zurich) Kalila and Dimna PI Prof. Dr. Beatrice Gruendler discuss the motif of dreams and fables as visions about rulership in Arabic prose.

Träume: Imaginiertes Herrschaftswissen—Träume und Fabeln in der arabischen Tradition.

The presentation is held in German, the link for the lifestream participation is made available on the DHC homepage.

Zeit & Ort

10.05.2023 | 16:00 c.t.

In person: Freie Universität Berlin, Hörsaal 1b, "Rostlaube", Habelschwerdter Allee 45, 14195 Berlin

Online: Access livestream via the link in the program on the DHC page.