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Dr. Maysoon Shibi (2023-2025)

Maysoon Shibi 2023-2

Seminar für Semitistik und Arabistik

Research Fellow Minerva Stiftung

The Poetry of Arab Women in the Modern Era: a prosodical inquiry into the reasons WHY?

Fabeckstr. 23/25
Raum -1.1073 (souterrain)
14195 Berlin

Modern Arabic poetry has been a subject matter for a long time now. However, it still has some unexplored dimensions. Research into Arabic poetry is predominantly focused on men poets. This was evident during my previous research into al-rajaz meter, where the critical and analytical literature identified this meter with male poets only. My research on the existing ‘known’ corpus established this to mean an outright exclusion of women poets. This highlighted the question regarding a comparison between poetic choices made by men and women poets. The main question here is: Do/did women poets employ different meters? If so, why?


Maysoon Shibi holds a Ph.D. in the literality of Palestinian fairytales from the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies as Tel Aviv University (2021). Her dissertation “Poetic Stanzas and Magic Statements in Palestinian Fairytales: Formalistic and Structural Approaches” was written under the supervision of Prof. Jeries Khoury; the monograph has been accepted for publication. Her works published in peer-reviewed journals include two studies on the rajaz meter in modern Arabic poetry (published in the Journal of Semitic Studies) related to her current research at Freie Universität Berlin.

Maysoon Shibi was granted The Arian de Rothchild Women’s Doctoral Program scholarship by Rothchild Caesarea. In addition, she worked as a teaching assistant and lecturer of modern Arabic literature at TAU for seven years, as well as a translator for international exams for the Arab youth in Israel.