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Dr. Emily Cottrell

Seminar für Semitistik und Arabistik

Research Fellow

"History in the Ahistorical?"

Brief biography

Born 1973 in Paris.

1993-1999 Studies in Paris (Sorbonne; EPHE).

1999 MA (Paris, EPHE-Religious Sciences) on the Greek Philosophers in al-Shahrazūrī’s Ta’rīkh al-ḥukamāʼ.

2000-2007 Extensive travels to the Middle East. Research scholarships in Yemen, Syria, Egypt.

2004 PhD (Paris EPHE-Religious Sciences) on Shams al-Dīn al-Shahrazūrī’s TÁ’rīkh al-ḥukamāʼ.

2009-2011 Marie Curie Fellow, Leiden University (The Netherlands).

2013-2015 Marie Curie Fellow of the Gerda Henkel Stiftung (M4HUMAN)

Specialized areas of research

Graeco-Arabica; History of Islamic philosophy; Neoplatonism; Shiism.


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