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Lecture Series "Configurations of Race, Religion and Language in Modern Knowledge"



News vom 16.04.2019

25 April 

Emily Apter (New York University/American Academy of Berlin), “Translating In-justice” 

2 May 

Ayman El-Desouky (Doha Institute for Graduate Studies), “Conditions of Secularity: The Novel and Collective Religious Imaginaries” 

9 May 

Gil Hochberg (Columbia University), “Semites, Then, Now, and Later” 

16 May 

Reinhard Bernbeck (Freie Universität Berlin), “Diachronic Violence, Materiality and Theories of Recognition” 

23 May 

Brinkley Messick (Columbia University), “The Anthropologist as Reader” 

28 May 

Gil Anidjar (Columbia University), “Religion, Race, and Memory” 

6 June 

Anya Topolski (Radboud Universiteit), “Rejecting Judeo-Christian Privilege: The First Step Towards Semitic Solidarity” 

13 June 

Ella Shohat (New York University), “The Question of Judeo-Arabic:  Nation, Partition, and the Linguistic Imaginary” 

20 June 

Theodore Vial (Iliff School of Theology), “The Dark Side of Modern Religion” 

27 June 

Falguni Sheth (Emory University), “Race and the Rule of Law: How to turn a people into a race” 

4 July 

Behrooz Ghamari-Tabrizi (Princeton University), “Translating the Revolution, Revolutionary Translation”

11 July 

Heba Raouf Ezzat (Ibn Haldun Üniversitesi), “The Fall of Boundaries: The State and Religion”


Thursdays, 6-8 pm. Room 2.2059, Fabeckstr. 23-25, 14195 Berlin (Holzlaube)

Please note that one lecture will take place on Tuesday May 28 in room 2.2058, and that the lecture on Thursday 6 June will be in room 0.2051.   


The lecture series accompanies a graduate seminar entitled “Configurations of Race, Religion and Language in Modern Knowledge” organised and taught by Prof. Dr. Schirin Amir-Moazami (Islamwissenschaft) and Prof. Dr. Islam Dayeh (Arabistik).

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