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2-Year Postdoc position at Freie Universität Berlin in ERC Digital Governance Project

News vom 19.07.2021

Prof. Genia Kostka of Freie University Berlin advertises a 2 year Postdoc postion in the ERC-funded project “Governing with Data: Local Experimentation in Authoritarian China”.

The position provides an opportunity for both independent and collaborative research within an ambitious project while working in a research team in Berlin.

This research project aims to provide empirical and conceptual understanding of digitalising governance practices in authoritarian China. Through mixed-method, the project will achieve three objectives:

1. Study the variation in local digital governance modes and understand why these modes evolved in different ways.

2. Explore the mechanisms through which digital technologies are integrated into local decision making processes and governance structures.

3. Assess the impacts of new digital governance modes for citizens, businesses and the state.

Read the full text of the job anouncement here.
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