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Eun-Joo Kwak

Eun-Joo Kwak

Korea-Europe Programme

Institute of Korean Studies

Freie Universität Berlin

MA Fellow

Otto-von-Simson-Str. 11
14195 Berlin

Eun-Joo Kwak is a Master’s student of Korean Studies at Freie Universität Berlin. In 2012 she earned her B.A. in Asian Studies at Bonn University. For her B.A. thesis, she explored the symbolic meaning of cranes in Korean literature and art. She proceeded to study Biology, researching the visual perception and numerical discrimination abilities of bamboo sharks (Chiloscyllium sp.) at the Institute of Zoology at Bonn University. The findings of her B.A. thesis were published as a poster at the “12th Annual Meeting of the Ethnological Society: From Sensory Perception to Behaviour” at Bonn University in 2017. She is planning to write her M.A. thesis in the research fields of lookism and beauty, focusing on the topics of resistance against beauty standards and social norms.