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Abgeschlossene Promotionen

Dr. Eric J. Ballbach

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

“Producing Boundaries: Identity and North Korean Foreign Policy”

+49 30 838 56893

Eric J. Ballbach

You Kyung Byun

Doktorandin (GEAS)

"100,000 Won Friends: Calculating Gifts and Debts Among Dear Friends in South Korean Institutional Network"

+49 30 838 57680


Daniela Gi-Youi Claus-Kim

wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin (IKS)

"Erinnern, Vergessen, Verdrängen: Die Studentenbewegung vom 19. April 1960 im public memory"

+49 30 838 56968


Jihye Han

Doktorandin (GEAS)

"The institutionalization of the Korean higher education system with regard to lifelong learning and the support system for working adults in Korea"

+49 30 838 59054


Dr. Oul Klara Han

ehem. Doktorandin (GEAS)

"Measuring Frames: Discursive Institutions in Polarized Politics"


Ji Young Heo

Doktorandin (GEAS)

"South Korea’s Understanding of Middle Power:Interests and a National Identity"

+49 30 838 59739


Hyuk Jung

Doktorand (GEAS)

The Discursive Struggle over LGBT Rights in South Korea: The Politics of Pro-LGBT Policy Adoption in a Hostile Environment

+49 30 838 59742


Olteun Kim

Doktorand (GEAS)

"The Making of Normative Citizens: Educational Policies and Social Construction of Heteronormativity in South Korea"

Eun Hee Woo

Doktorandin (GEAS)

"Institutional Change and Intra-Party Democracy : Mechanisms of Party Elite Recruitment in Korea and Germany"