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PD Dr. Gloria Olcese

Institut für Klassische Archäologie



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Gloria Olcese is Professor of Methodology in Archaeological Research. Her interests focus on the archaeology of production and trade, and multidisciplinary approaches integrating archaeology and archaeometry. She acquired experience in the top archaeometry laboratories in Europe (Berlin, Lyon). In 1998, she obtained the highest German academic qualification, “Habilitation”. Since 2002 she has been a professor at “Sapienza” University. She has been awarded scholarships in Germany (DAAD, DFG) and Italy. She taught at Siena and Padua (1990-1998), as a visiting professor at the Freie Universität Berlin (1999-2002) and at Zurich University (Dec-Jan 2013-2014).

She coordinated several large-scale research projects: Ischia, financed by the Thyssen-Striftung (1999-2003) and the FIRB Project “Immensa Aequora” (2005-2011).

She is author of several monographs and articles and has organised international conferences. In 2014 she was awarded a full Italian teaching qualification.

Profil auf den Seiten der Sapienza, Universität Rom