Internationaler Workshop: Benin’s art history from Dahomey to present



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Internationaler Workshop: Benin’s art history from Dahomey to present

February, 27 and 28, 2020

Freie Universität, Fabeckstraße 23–25, 14195 Berlin, Raum 2.2058

The workshop aims at elaborating the contours of an art history of Benin that takes into account the (art-) historical processes of the precolonial kingdom Dahomey as well as the trans-regional entanglements of the postcolonial state. It will bring together in-depth case studies of different (art) historical periods - reflecting historical, modern and contemporary art in relation to the visual culture of Benin: In a first part, we will discuss art production under mainly (royal and governmental) patronage - as in the kingdom of Dahomey in the precolonial as colonial era (17th-19th century), in times of post-independence (1960-1974), in Benin’s socialist era (1974-1990) and in the state-organized Vodun-Festivals in the context of the country’s democratization (early 1990s). In a second part, we will reflect on more recent independent artist initiatives and their art production (mid-1990ies) as well as on contemporary art in new transnational networks (biennials, independent art spaces) in the era of neoliberalism (since 2000).

Thursday, February 27, 2020

4 pm Verena Rodatus and Romuald Tchibozo: Welcome and introduction
4.30–5.30 pm Gaëlle Beaujean (Paris): Royal arts in Abomey city, kingdom of Dahomey – 17th to 19th century
Coffee break
6­–7 pm Romuald Tchibozo (Cotonou/Berlin): Artistic practices in Benin: from independence to the end of the Marxist-Leninist era

Friday, February 28, 2020

10­–11 am Dana Rush (Strasbourg): Unfinished Aesthetics in Vodun Artistic Expression
Coffee break
11.30 am­–12.30 pm Cléophée Moser (Paris): Performing arts in Benin: traditions and inheritances in practice and body-politics in action
2–3 pm Verena Rodatus (Berlin): Transnational art institutions in Benin: art patronage and artistic agency in times of neoliberalism
Coffee break
3.30­–4.30 pm Artist talk with Zinkpè (Cotonou): a perspective from within Benin’s art scene
5­–6 pm Wrap-up discussion

Concept and organization:
Verena Rodatus and Romuald Tchibozo
Kunsthistorisches Institut Abteilung Kunst Afrikas

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