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Working Paper - Prof. Gudrun Krämer: “Religion, Culture, and the Secular: The Case of Islam"



News vom 16.03.2021

Neue Veröffentlichung von Prof. Gudrun Krämer in:


Working Paper Series of the Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences (CASHSS)
“Multiple Secularities – Beyond the West, Beyond Modernities”
#23: Gudrun Krämer. “Religion, Culture, and the Secular: The Case of Islam.” Leipzig University, 2021.


"Why jump into a sea, where everything is seemingly fleeting, floating, and fluid? There is not a single concept that offers solid ground to stand on: ‘religion’ is problematic, ‘culture’ elusive, ‘secularity’ contested, and ‘Islam’ one big question mark. ‘Identity’, to name that which looms so large in modern contexts, fares no better. Yet jump we must if we are to do more than critique conceptualisations that we consider flawed, and instead provide what is expected of academics: critical reflection that does justice to the subject at hand, while at the same time speaking to wider intellectual, moral, and political concerns. This paper contributes to the debate on multiple secularities by discussing conceptualisations of religion and culture and their relevance to articulations of secularity ‘in Islam’. Written from the perspective of historically grounded Islamic studies, with a focus on the period up to 1500, this paper nonetheless addresses current concerns, for while the secular and hints at secularity can be identified in pre-modern Muslim majority contexts, they only emerged as themes of theoretically informed debate in the modern period."

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Fachbereich Geschichts- und Kulturwissenschaften