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Origins and development of Zoroastrian millenarianism

14.06.2017 | 18:00 c.t. - 20:00

Das Institut für Iranistik lädt ein zum Vortrag von Antonio Panaino (Università di Bologna), der im Rahmen unserer Vortragsreihe „Ritual und Zeit“ stattfindet.

Zusammenfassung: The present talk investigates the origins of Mazdean millenarianism emphasising the origi­nality of the Iranian speculations about time and its qualitative distinctions (eternal and limited) with close regard to the meaning of history and human ontological dimension. The problem of the duration and in particular of the end of (historical) time is discussed in its main outlines with some reflections about the different doctrines concerning the Cosmic Year and the theory of the Planetary conjunctions. In particular, some aspects of Jewish-Christian chiliasm and Iranian millenarianism are taken into consideration in the framework of the apocalyptic perspectives of the Late Antique world.

Zeit & Ort

14.06.2017 | 18:00 c.t. - 20:00

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