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3rd Meeting of the Society of Iranian and Turanian Studies on the occasion of the 95th birthday of Univ.-Prof. em. Dr. Helmut Humbach


9:30 Opening

10:00 – Agustí Alemany
The Significance of the Alans for Indo-European
and Central Eurasian Studies

10:30 – Paolo Ognibene
Scythian, Persian and Greek Misunderstandings

11:00 – Nicholas Sims-Williams
The Sogdian Ancient Letter no. 4 and an unknown Sogdian god

11:30 – Götz König
Notizen und Überlegungen zur Geschichte der Gāϑās

12:15 Lunch

15:00 – Jean Kellens
Reflets du début du Yasna

15:30 – Antonio Panaino
The “Installation” and the so-called “Disinstallation” of the high Priestly College

16:00 – Jaime Martínez Porro
The Avestan manuscript 4162 (nº 4 of Pouladi private collection): is it the eldest Videvdad Iranian Sade manuscript?

16:30 – Éric Pirart
Commentaire sur le Yasna 28

17:00 – Alberto Cantera
Miϑra’s time


18:00 General Assembly of the Society of Iranian & Turanian Studies

Zeit & Ort


Intercity Hotel, Mainz