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Iranian Music at the Edge of Modernity



News vom 02.06.2023

Iranian music was traditionally passed face to face for centuries. The emergence of modern educational institutes and new media changed also the structure of musical knowledge transfer. On Wednesday, 21.06.2023, 16:00-18:00, in the room -1.2009 (großer Hörsaal (UG), Fabeckstr. 23/25) the lecture "Iranian Music at the Edge of Modernity. Continuity and Change in the Transmission of Musical Knowledge" by Mona Mirkamali (HU) will take place. While the first part of the presentation is an introduction to Iranian music, where the concept of radīf and the attributes of radīf-based music will be briefly introduced, in the second part the historical and cultural transition into modernity in Iranian music, and continuity in patterns of musical knowledge transfer and communication will be discussed. During the session three musical interludes will be presented: daf with samples of Kurdish traditional music by Raman Hama Saeed, and santūr with samples from Persian music by Hafez Rafei. Though the session is offered as part of the seminar “Oral Traditions: Modes of Remembering and Transmission in the Iranian Speaking World” by Prof. Khanna Omarkhali, all of those who are interested in the transmission of Iranian music are very welcomed!

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