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Kimya Oskay Sümbül

Koserstraße 20
Raum A 118
14195 Berlin

Kimya Oskay Sümbül is a Ph.D. Candidate and Research Assistant (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin) in the Freigeist Research Group "The Cold War's Clash of Civilizations" funded by a Freigeist Fellowship from the Volkswagen Foundation. She became the member of the Center for Global History team at the Freie Universität Berlin in 2018. She holds an M.A. in History from Bilkent University and a B.S. in Science of Management from the Bilkent University. During her Master studies, she earned a Research/Teaching assistantship and full tuition award from Bilkent University and was selected as Honour Student during her Bachelor studies. She is fluently capable in Persian (native), English, Modern Turkish, and Azeri languages, while she has received language training in Ottoman Turkish, Arabic and French.

Kimya received her intellectual background in Ottoman history, while she specifically focused on the 19th-century Iran and the history of photography. In her M.A. dissertation, Political Usage of Photography in Naseri Period 1848-1896, she investigates how the political realm of the 19th century Iran can reverberate through the photographs.

She is interested in exercising interpretive strategy of reading outward from the images coherent with the socio-politic parameters. Additionally, Kimya is interested in the social and cultural history of the 20th centuries - especially of the Cold War - with a particular interest in history and theory of images. Currently, in her research, she studies the Iranian-Soviet's social and cultural ties in a global and transnational context.

Cultural and Social History of 20th century with special interest in Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Visual and Cultural representation with special interest in history and theory of images

History of Cold War

History of Iran

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