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Dr. Cecilia Molesini




(DAAD, Fondazione Luigi Einaudi)

Neuere Geschichte/Zeitgeschichte

Koserstr. 20
Raum A 216
14195 Berlin

Since 2022: Fondazione Luigi Einaudi (Turin) and DAAD Fellow, Free University Berlin

2021: Research Fellow, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice 

2017-2021: PhD in Historical Studies, University of Padua, Verona and Ca’ Foscari (Venice), Supervisors: Filippo Focardi, Stefano Petrungaro

2017: Master’s degree in International Relations, Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna

2014: Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna

"Auf gepackten Koffern sitzen?" An Emotional History of German Expellees (1945-1974)

Funded by Fondazione Luigi Einaudi (Turin) and DAAD

This research project is a development of an on-going wider study – my PhD thesis – dedicated to the emotional experiences of those Germans who were expelled from the former Eastern German provinces and were integrated into West Germany after World War II. It is mainly based on ego-documents (i.e. diaries, correspondences, reports), personal objects, photographs, and postcards of German expellees and it aims at highlighting from an emotional point of view the multifaceted processes of loss and restart of different expellees’ communities until 1970s. 

C. Molesini (2020), Being an Ossi in Unified Germany: (Political) Culture as a Resource of Resilience of East Germans in the early 1990s, in I. Polland, M. Basseler, A. Nünning, S. Moraldo (eds.), Europe’s Crisis and Cultural Resources of Resilience. Conceptual Exploration and Literary Negotiations, Trier, WVT. 


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C. Faludi (ed.), Die “Juni-Aktion” 1938. Eine Dokumentation zur Radikalisierung der Judenverfolgung, Frankfurt-New York, Campus, 2013, in “Ricerche di Storia Politica“, 3 (2018) pp. 345-346. 

Geschichte und Gesellschaft
Arbeitsbereich Zeitgeschichte